About us

With the white labelled StreamingBuzz VOD live and on-demand application you can share content to your audience and monetize your content. Add new videos and metadata, customize your website, get your own customer data in one central dashboard, track subscriber growth and churn and stream live video, record and store the live content, and share to your audience. Easily move your existing videos, and customer data with StreamingBuzz account support.

StreamingBuzz’ core business is smart content encryption, smart transcoding and smart distribution in all formats for the smart play-out on any device. And report back to the content owners or studios.

StreamingBuzz specializes in streaming video solutions for media & entertainment such as LIVE/VOD/OTT in various environments such as online (connected), semi-online and offline (disconnected).

These solutions can be integrated and implemented on third-party servers or dedicated provided hardware units per industry.

StreamingBuzz provides disruptive solutions, which are browser-based, but we also provide the same solutions in native apps, and offer SDK’s for iOS, tvOS, Android, Windows, Smart TV apps and Android TV apps and these are an add-on to our applications. Every application is connected via a well-documented API, which is REST based.

We can provide all our solutions as a white label solution and can be branded and customized upon the requirements and wishes of the customer.