Disconnected environments

Environments with no connection to internet

Disconnected means there’s zero network connectivity from the assessed environment to the Internet or to any other machine that has Internet access.

There are, and will always be, exceptional remote grounds of operations with missing, lacking or even prohibited network connections. But even in these disconnected environments relevant live-linear broadcasts, whether it is a live sport match or a general in command speaking directly to his troops, and premium on-demand content, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters, TV Shows to instruction videos, are highly in demand. And as this demand for relevant content grows, the challenge is to deliver this at any place in the world, even the most remote environments.

We have developed a complete end-to-end offline workflow source for live and on-demand, which can run on (third party or our own) dedicated devices and do not require a connection to the outside world in order to handle the key-delivery, license-delivery or playback of the content. The device, which operates in any disconnected environment, includes a license server, key-delivery server, webserver and a high-secure storage for the content and the keys.

Our offline video workflows includes the content packaging (encryption with BuzzOff offline multi-DRM), offline license delivery and offline and local content playback. BuzzOff, our Hollywood studio and  approved offline multi-DRM is integrated into our disruptive disconnected content delivery platform for premium content. The ingest, preparation, packaging and the encryption of the content is done by StreamingBuzz in our fully automated workflow including metadata. The content is encrypted with Widevine and FairPlay DRM.

Our offline video workflows include the packaging servers, which are deployed in conjunction with our very extensive and easy-to-use Content Management System, the storage system on the device in a local environment and is connected to the local Wi-Fi network for local user access for watching live or binge-watching premium on-demand content. The content is being served to cater BYOD (bring your own device), (Smart) TV’s, set-top boxes, all possible with integrated Multi DRM solutions, as well as in native apps (SDK available) and in-browser (no need to download an app). With regards to our offline and licensed multi-DRM in-browser or native app “bring your own device (BYOD)” solutions, the primary playback platforms are iOS and Android on smartphones and tablets.