Scheduling for Satellite and OTT in one

StreamingBuzz has an option in the CMS where live input streams, RTMP, RTSP and MP4 can be scheduled for both live playout for satellite and live playout for OTT. In addition, the existing assets in the system can also be scheduled for playout for satellite and playout for OTT. In other words, it only takes 1 CMS to manage, store and plan all assets and input.

To schedule in the scheduler, there are two options of entering content, live content, and pre-existing content. A search function allows the correct content to be selected and entered in the scheduler. The scheduler has different views, monthly, weekly, daily and a list view.

We have developed a complete end-to-end offline workflow source for live and on-demand, which can run on (third party or our own) dedicated devices and do not require a connection to the outside world in order to handle the key-delivery, license-delivery or playback of the content. The device, which operates in any disconnected environment, includes a license server, key-delivery server, webserver and a high-secure storage for the content and the keys.

Our offline video workflows includes the content packaging (encryption with BuzzOff offline multi-DRM), offline license delivery and offline and local content playback. BuzzOff, our Hollywood studio and MPAA approved offline multi-DRM is integrated into our disruptive disconnected content delivery platform for premium content. The ingest, preparation, packaging and the encryption of the content is done by StreamingBuzz in our fully automated workflow including metadata. The content is encrypted with Widevine and FairPlay DRM.