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StreamingBuzz empowers anyone or any company into becoming an immersive media company

The XR AI Render Engine enables companies, sport clubs, broadcasters, telcos and governments to virtualize live video and data, or only data, into live Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality on-the-fly. This data can be positional data (xyz) generated by tracking devices or cameras, wearables and sensors. The same data can also come directly from the (live) broadcast stream, where a regular linear broadcast stream gets separated into a video stream and a data stream. Next to this, the data can also be uploaded into our engine by the user. This means we rely on real data as an input method, but this can also be manipulated data, enabling produced training sessions, shooting practices, hazardous work training, customer services training, elderly care training and so much more… One could name this an altered reality.

StreamingBuzz empowers anyone or any company into becoming an immersive media company

StreamingBuzz has developed multiple disruptive products that transform the future world of live and on-demand sports and entertainment. With the combination of StreamingBuzz’s fully automated workflows and solutions, which are built, run and managed in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, hybrid, on-premise or right at the edge, combined with our ground breaking, in-house developed StreamingBuzz XR AI Render Engine.

  • Turn live or on-demand video or data on-the-fly into VR, AR & MR.
  • Get immersive insights live and on-demand.
  • SDK’s for iOS, Android, tvOS, Android AOSP and Android TV.
  • Selectable overlays in AR, MR & VR
  • Real-time data and insights.
  • Event and data-tagging.
  • Hardware, software, OS & data agnostic.
  • Secured by BuzzXR DRM for 360/XR (Unity, Unreal, OpenXR and more).
  • Play-out to any device, including active and passive VR goggles.

StreamingBuzz has developed a one-of-a-kind XR AI Render Engine, which renders video or data on-the-fly into immersive and real-time live scenarios, which can also be used for training or analysis afterwards by the on-demand option.

StreamingBuzz is using unique algorithms, Cognitive Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics and Power BI, Unity, Unreal, OpenXR and much more smart coding stuff to complete the most amazing immersive features of our XR AI Render Engine.

We can virtualize any live video or data into an immersive world of 180 and 360 degree video, VR, AR or MR.

Our solutions are used worldwide and for many different purposes, whether being a producer, creator, influencer, media company, Hollywood studio, broadcasters, telco, advertising agency, sport club, esports, gaming industry, as well as used in manufacturing, airlines, private jets, automotive, railway, yachts (builders), cruise ships, merchant ships, submarines, offshore, oil & gas, military, government, courts (get immersed into the actual crime scene), events and many other corporate areas empowered in immersive content.