Powerfully automated. Perfectly professional. StreamingBuzz partnered with LiveArena to enable our revolutionary automated production, which turns every event into a live event.​

We’ve taken broadcast AI and Machine Learning to the next level, embedding never-before-seen artificial intelligence into Broadcast Room. The fully automated modern workplace communication suite brings live video to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Yammer, Microsoft Stream or to any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop, set-top boxes and Smart TV’s through the devices’ own browser or dedicated apps or SDK’s).

Your content. Anywhere. Anytime. The StreamingBuzz cloud platform – an add-on to your Microsoft Azure account – provides fool proof management, scheduling and delivery of TV-programming for live and on-demand content. Easily weave together planned live events with archived video-on-demand content to deliver engaging experiences for any audience.

Simple. Secure. Scalable. The cloud platform supports a range of access control features including Azure Active Directory. Gain deeper audience insight through robust channel analytics. Create a branded, personalized experience for every viewer with white-label content portals and mobile apps. You can create unique looks for your brand, for each channel, and more.