Challenge. Creation: User Generated & Social Video

Broadcast everywhere; broadcast from anywhere using your smartphone and manage sessions from the dashboard

The world of content and content creation is evolving. Gen Z consumes content in a different manners, when and where they want and preferrably on their smartphone. This mobile video is referred to us snackable content, short and relevant snippets. Live stream Podcasts on Social Networks, create live social video podcasts, invite your notable influencer friends to share engaging live video podcasts. Share the podcast link on all social networks, and empower each other to gain  more followers. Content is king and all content creators and influencers now have the power of increasing their  followers the good old way. By creating compelling customized and personalized video podcasts.

Bring your own created content faster to market with our disruptive set of tools for ultra-low latency video streaming, which enables real time interactions with your target groups, followers, either being one on one or one to many. For all user generated content and social video content once it is being shared, posted or uploaded to Youtube or any other social video sharing platform, brings a massive issue to the table; your data is gone and you will never be able to gain the insights you are entitled to. Social content creators should never give away their biggest assets (content + data) and get nothing in return.

StreamingBuzz partnered with Vydeo, a patent pending protocol that “tunnels” video frames over HTTP with sub-second latency. It is a ground-breaking global CDN built on top of Virtual Machine architecture and therefore makes it ideal for low-cost and ultra-low latency broadcasts. Together, we bring our revolutionary , patent-pending ultra-low latency real-time streaming CDN, which gives you a mesmerizing latency of 200 milliseconds, which turns every live social video, podcast, video chat or event into a real-LIVE event.​ And stay in control of your data, so you get the insights you deserve.

We deliver live OTT with the ultra-low latency of 0.2 seconds.

We make it extremely easy for setting up video chats, social video podcasts to invite, screen and activate.

Stay in control of your data and assets.

By using our patent-pending protocol that “tunnels” video frames over HTTP with sub-second latency.

By using our ground-breaking global real-time live streaming CDN built on top of Virtual Machine architecture, which makes it ideal for low-cost and ultra-low latency broadcasts.

  • Social Video Podcasts
  • Panel discussions
  • Celebrities & influencers
  • Webcam shows
  • Radio shows
  • TV Shows
  • Talk Shows
  • Gaming & (e)sports